Site Species Matching Tool Maps

The Site Species Matching Tool (SSMT) helps growers select the most suitable species for their sites, by matching species requirements to the growing conditions of different locations. Free PDF maps have been produced for Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Other areas are under production. These can be easily accessed for download from the GFP website. SSMT uses the term suitability to describe the likely success of a particular tree species establishing and growing to the rotation age on a given site achieving expected productivity depending on other factors such as silviculture.

Very and moderately suitable are the most recommended in a site while marginally suitable is only recommended where no other options exist or when production goals are of lesser importance as a site objective. More precise assessment of suitability should be carried out through undertaking microsite assessment.

SSMT Phones

Site Species Matching Tool Geolocator

An interactive mobile application that gives the user access to a subset of the SSMT data in your area of interest as well as areas near you. From the application the user is able to gather information relating to the suitability of growing certain commercial species in a specific area. The suitability of growing a chosen species is categorised into: Very Suitable, Moderately Suitable and Marginally Suitable.

This application is available for Android and IOS.

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