Climate Scenarios Suitablitity

Climate Change Scenarios Suitability

This Module gives the user access to analysis of the suitability of growing a specific species in specific areas based on various climatic and topographic scenarios. The analysis from this module depends on the Site Species Matching Tool (SSMT) output and forecasts the scenarios for select species in 2050.

Improve your return on plantation investment by planting the right trees in the right climate.

Experience further insight into

  • Preliminary guide for growers in selection of ecologically suited species to sites with the insight of how these will change in the future (in 2050 at the moment) due to current climatic change trends.

  • Larger number of species available for suitability compared to the limited list available in the free SSMT PDF Maps and thus larger range of Climate Suitability scenarios.

  • The option to have analysis run on your species of interest and have them added to your dashboard (Please Contact Us to get more information on this process).

  • Other spatial datasets and basemaps can be loaded onto the map to obtain more context.

  • Helps mitigate planting of unsuitable species in areas where they will be prone to disease and other susceptibility at a later stage.

  • Helps growers and organisations to plan areas of expansion as well as which species to buy.

  • Helps in the planning of what species are viable for market productivity and associated risks of planting unsuitable species.

  • This gives insight into why some species that have already been planted are not flourishing

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