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Site Species Matching Tool – Ugandan Launch

Ugandan Government is progressing on restoring the 2.5 million hectares of degraded land by the year 2030. With tree farming increasingly becoming a profitable venture, not only in Uganda but on the international market, the demand for wood products and commercial forestry is growing.

The Role Natural Forests Play In Our Ecosystem

The importance of our natural forests With the ever increasing threat of deforestation, it's important to acknowledge that natural forests are also facing increasing threats such as deforestation, fragmentation, and degradation, which are driven by factors such as land use change, urbanization, and climate change. In order to protect and preserve the ecological, economic and social [...]

WoodBiz Africa – October 2022

We are proudly featured on the cover of WoodBiz Africa's October edition.  Read more about how our platform aims to consolidate geospatial forestry monitoring into an online tool that is used across the board to enhance key decision making at all phases in the timber plantation lifecycle. From planning to planting and ongoing monitoring of plantations across the world. The Geospatial Forestry Platform has been developed by Swift Geospatial, one of the world's leading GIS and remote sensing companies, to actively change the forestry industry through technology. 

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