Nairobi, Kenya – The 15th of November saw the official launch of the Geospatial Forestry Platform take place with key decision makers in the East African forestry industry in attendance to discuss the benefits of a more technological approach to forestry in the area.

Hosted by Swift Geospatial and Gatsby Africa, the launch of the GFP hosted over one hundred excited attendees involved in the greater timber and forestry industries in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Starting the morning off was an opening address from Dr Sam Kareithi, Gatsby Africa’s country director, gleefully discussed the potential of the forestry industry in East Africa and his personal excitement to see such innovation coming out of Africa.

The launch managed to bring together decision makers and interested parties to showcase the benefits the monitoring and planning platform can offer to foresters, with the Forestry Development Trust, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, The Kenyan Ministry of Environment and Forestry in attendance.

Swift Geospatial’s Nyasha Mureriwa and Lauren Pijper elegantly presented the unique modules on offer, both the free introductory modules and the more in-depth paid for modules to everyone in attendance. With Jay Clark of Fort Hartley Brand Consultants discussing the digital marketing efforts the platform will undertake to educate the public about not only the platform, but the effectiveness of remote sensing within the monitoring and decision making space.

A fantastic Keynote address by world renowned technology author Arthur Goldstuck showcased the adoption of technology within certain industries has led to significant growth within that sector as well as his hopes for companies such as Swift Geospatial to continue providing quality services to those in need of better information.

The highlight of the morning was the panel discussion chaired by Lu Wigman, Gatsby Africa’s communication manager. With stakeholders from across the board discussing their view on the effect remote monitoring and GIS may have on the planning and ongoing monitoring of forestry. With topics discussed showcasing just how a growing, well planned timber industry in East Africa can provide their countries with enormous positive spinoffs.

Closing remarks by Jack Steege of Gatsby Africa brought the event to a close as he proudly officially launched the Geospatial Forestry Platform into the global market as a forestry monitoring software solution.

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